Manila Rush Review – Run Through EDSA

manila rush game android

I’m a former employee from one of the establishments along EDSA. Therefor, I’m one of those who experienced the heavy traffic, boring long vehicle queue and stressful travel.

That was way back years ago. Since I already established blogs that are now giving me enough earnings that can be compared to call center companies, I decided not apply for a corporate job. My life is a lesser social now, but since I sometimes have this loner moods, my job fits me well.

Maybe because of this traffic — that has been there in decades — the Alamat Interactive came up with a game. They called it Manila Rush.


manila rush android 2


Manila Rush is another addition in the overly used running category. This features Miguel running through EDSA  for him to beat traffic and able get to work on time. Just like another running game, you are tasked to help him go through the road by using the common finger gesture of running games.

Run as long as you can in this three-lane game and collect coins that can be used in the market.

The obstacles are swerving cars, construction works, road signage and many more. There are also power-ups available while running or in the market to make the running easier.

Infairness, and I am proud to say that this game features exceptional graphics. I can compare it to the modern animation that Pixar and Disney can make. The sound? It’s great. The ads, on the other hand, are placed before and after the game proper, therefor, won’t disrupt your playing.


manila rush game android


On the aggravating side, this has too much lags and will even have delays of graphics. I usually experience hearing the sounds, but my screen is still black. This also has force close issues that many users, like me, have experienced.

The game has very great concept, promising style and very entertaining features. I am just hoping that the developers will improve the game and remove the pesky bugs specially the force close as this really cracks me. Giving this game 3.5 over 5.

Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo

Adventure Time Heroes of Ooo 2

What time is it? It’s Adventure Time! This game comes from the famous cartoon from Cartoon Network. Kids of all ages love this show so much that Globalfun made it a game.


Adventure Time Heroes of Ooo


The gameplay is like the Legend of Zelda concept where you control the character, Finn, and lead him to places where you want to go. The storyline comes from the cartoon Adventure Time: Heroes of Ooo where you must defeat the Ice King to save Princess Bubblegum. The controls of the game is like any other adventure game where you must hold the left side of the screen to move your character. Then there is the right side of the screen where you will see a button that acts as the action button. When you press it, it may slash when there are enemies nearby or you will talk to the NPC when you are near them.


Adventure Time Heroes of Ooo 2


This game is so fun because you can actually play as Finn and have his adventure as your adventure time. But the problem is Jake, his dog, does not actually help in the game. They might want to make a good use of Jake so that their game can be so much fun.

If I will rate this game, I will rate it at 4.5 out of 5.

Zombie World War Review – Shoot All the Zombies and Survive

zombie world war android

Admit it, most of us came into thoughts of the things you will do in case of zombie apocalypse. Such zombie fantasies, despite of the impossibility, always come into our minds. Specially when we already watched World War Z or The Walking Dead.

This fantasy is always brought into different platform, including games. If we’ll look into top list of AppStore and Playstore the top downloaded list always has zombie-themed game.

One of the game that caught my eyes was the Zombie World War by the FT Games.

From the name itself, Zombie World War is a game featuring a single character fighting for his survival in a place where everybody seemed to have turned into zombies. Your aim is to help that character shoot all the zombies in every stage. Just tap where the zombie is and the character will automatically fire.

The game has different zombies in terms of sizes, speed, and many more. You’ll have to beat them in 126 levels from 21 scenes.


zombie world war android


There are helps available via the arms section; they are 19 weapons including AK-47, M4, RPG and Gatling.

Check the daily task in order to have a chance to win big rewards and bonuses.

To be honest, I’m disappointed with the game. The game has nothing new to offer, just a simple tap to shoot the enemies game. No gimmicks and some innovative features.




The graphics is also not impressive. The zombies are like those in cartoons way back the ’90s and the action is not convincing. In example, when the zombies were able to reach your place, they will show a digging actions while destroying your barricade.

The thing I like about this game is the sound. It’s like of those in the thriller movies.

I’m just being honest, the game is not worthy of my time. Giving this 2.5 over 5.

Nokia Launches First Android Phone


Nokia has officially launched its first Google Android handsets despite of the company will be soon acquired by Microsoft, a rival of of Google in providing software to smartphones.

The Nokia X, the X+ and XL, are all Google-backed phones. They were announced in an event in Barcelona.


The Nokia X family addressed the $100 segment that is predicted to grow more than those expensive and high-end phones.

Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop told the crowd at the Mobile World Congress that this move is a response to the billions of users who have “shifted dramatically” to Android devices.

“We see X family being complementary (Windows Phone) Lumia at lower price point,” Elop said. “Even as you see Lumia push lower and lower, you will see us push lower with Nokia X below that.”

According to Reuters, users have really do shifted with Google-backed phones. It is noted that four out of five smartphones owned is Android. Windows phones were third in the list in terms of market share (Next to iOS of Apple), shipping 35.7 million units worldwide.

Ironically, in September 2013, Microsoft announced that it will soon acquire Nokia’s Device & Service Business, license Nokia’s patents, and license and use Nokia’s mapping services.

This shift also came after Microsoft’s announcement that it will lower the cost of its software for smartphone manufacturers.


Make Cookies Review – Prepare and Bake Cookies for Kids

cookie android make

Cooking is one of the fantasies that children have. Little boys are into robots while little girls are into princess fantasies. But, both of them are well interested with cooking, specifically when done with their parents.

Therefore, we can say that cooking application for kids are in better position. I would also conclude that they are also blockbuster.

Make Cookies is one of those cooking applications created entirely for kids. Brought to us by – a website that caters different type of games for kids – this application fulfills children’s baking fantasies.

This game features simple step by step procedure in making cookies from choosing your desired shape to making the cookies and from ingredients to baking. This also mimics part of procedures like mixing the ingredients, using the rolling pin and finishing the cookies by decorating it.


cookie shape

One cute part when you finished decorating, you can eat it by tapping.

This game is totally free. But, unlocking some cookie designs, decorators and many more will cost you a specified amount. Buying the upgraded version will also remove the ads.


cookie android make


Of course, on adults’ preferences, the game is somehow boring. But, basing things on what my niece do, I can say this is a great application. I once asked her to play and I observed that she enjoys it. One instance, I saw her asking her mother to bake cookies with her.

The only thing that I don’t like about this game is the ad. It sometimes block the options as it usually appear on top. But, the graphics and sounds, they are catchy. Giving this game 3.5 over 5.

Top Free Must Have Android Games 2013

angry birds android 2013

There are lots of games available in the market for game lovers. Now we have the facilities to play them in PC as well in our Android devices. As the Android market is booming with a gigantic speed, games developers are in big demand. They are developing awesome games that we can play in Android devices and we can install them to our PC as well. Best example of such category is Temple Run. So, here we are going to discuss about some must have games for any android phone that will increase your gaming experience and fun. Let’s have a look.

Awesome Games that you must install to your Android Phones

The games listed here are free and you don’t have to pay a single penny for them. Although there are lots of paid games too in the Google play store but not everyone want to spend money on them. That’s why here we are providing a list of top free and must have android games that you can install to your smartphones to get amazing gaming experience free of cost.

1# Angry Birds

angry birds android 2013
This game was first developed for IOS devices and after that moved to Android. This is the top most favorable game of millions of android users. After it’s availability, it hit the Google play market with its awesome and amazing downloads counts.

If you wanna a cool and awesome gaming experience then I must recommend you to give it a try. You will surely gonna love it.

Download Angry Bird game directly from Google Store for free.

2# Red Stone

redstone android 2013
No one can neglect the awesome gaming experience with square-shuffling games. Red Stone is one the best square-shuffling android games in the android market.

It’s little bit challenging and hardest. If you like challenges and wanna tackle with them, then surely it’s a perfect match for your needs. You have to arrange the little stones in such a manner that provide a EXIT way to the big Red Stone. Means you have to make an exit way for the Big red stone by moving the little stones here and there. Sounds easy? Nah.. :P It’s not that much easy buddy. Give it a try and observe yourself.
Download Red Stone now!

3# Replica Island

Replica Island is one the top loving and highly rated game. It gives extreme results with smooth gaming experience. This game is full of adventures and you can control the player to jump, bounce and other formalities to complete the levels. If you are looking for simple but enjoyable game for your android phone that it’ll be a perfect match for you.
Download Replica Island

Final Words!

There are lots of awesome and cool games that you can install to your smartphones but we can’t mention all of them together. We’ll bring more updates about trendy android games in the coming posts.

Let me know which one is your favorite game and which game you wanna to our “Must Have Android Games” category. Leave a comment below and let us know. Thanks!